A helper robot flying like Iron Man was developed

A helper robot flying like Iron Man was developed
Genoa: An Italian company has developed a robot called ‘iCub’ that can fly like the famous superhero ‘Iron Man’ and can also be used in rescue operations.

According to the details, this invention was made by the engineers of IIT (Italian Institute of Technology) based in Genoa after 15 years of hard work. However, it is currently in the prototype stage.

At just 3.4 feet tall, the lightweight I-Cub has small jet engines mounted on both arms that enable it to fly as fast as it needs to and toward its intended destination.


The special algorithm enables the i-Cub to be perfectly balanced in all stages, from takeoff to landing.

Its face looks like that of a child and it can walk on two legs in addition to its four limbs.

The hands of the I-Cub are strong with palms made of a layer of soft material so that when it catches something, it does not break with the force of its hands.


It is also equipped with sensors to locate people buried in the rubble after an accident, which can detect a person at a certain depth.

Due to its small size, it can reach places that are extremely difficult for rescue workers and drones to reach.

It also has powerful cameras in its eyes that allow it to see far into the distance.

During the operation, it is in constant radio contact with its operator, which monitors all its progress, so that its direction and speed can be changed or even called back if required.


In addition to the hands, the whole body is also covered with ‘skin’ which can feel the surrounding environment in different ways.

Explaining the importance of iCube, IIT says that there are about 300 natural disasters and disasters in the world every year which take 90,000 lives and affect 160 million people. Therefore, it is very important to develop the field of robotics in this regard.

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