Actress Kangana Ranaut suffers from corona virus

Actress Kangana Ranaut suffers from corona virus
Controversial Indian actress Kangana Ranaut has contracted the corona virus.

According to foreign media, actress Kangana Ranaut’s corona test has come positive.

Actress Kangana Ranaut has confirmed on social media that the Corona test was positive and said that she was tested yesterday and the result was positive.

On the photo and video sharing website Instagram, Kangana Ranaut told her fans that she had been feeling weak for the past few days and the result of the Corona test was positive.

Kangana has quarantined herself.

The actress told people that if you are scared of this virus, it will scare you even more.

Remember that the situation of Corona epidemic in India has become very serious.

It should be noted that a few days ago, Indian actress Kangana Ranaut had thanked Pakistanis for encouraging Indians during the global epidemic Corona virus.

On social networking site Twitter, the actress wrote, “I am happy to see the trend of Indian support from Pakistan.” Kangana also wrote that she was happy to see the love and affection from Pakistanis.

“We also acknowledge the sympathy of Pakistanis for Indians in this difficult time,” he said.

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