American supermodel GG Hadid named his daughter

American supermodel GG Hadid named his daughter
New York: American supermodel Jelena Nora Hadid, better known as GG Hadid, has finally revealed her daughter’s name.

It has been almost 4 months since the birth of GG Hadid and singer Zian Malik’s daughter but so far they have neither shown their daughter’s picture to the fans nor shared their names. But now GG Hadid has shared his daughter’s name with fans.

GG Hadid recently wrote his introduction on his Instagram account in his bio “Khai’s mother”. Which means their daughter’s name is Khai.
According to media reports, “Khai” is an Arabic name meaning to be crowned. There are also reports that Zian Malik has tattooed his daughter’s name on his wrist.

It should be noted that the daughter of Zian Malik and GG Hadid was born in September 2020. GG Hadid is an American supermodel, but his ancestors are from Palestine, while Zian Malik is from Pakistan, but he grew up in Britain.

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