An electric necklace that can identify many diseases

An electric necklace that can identify many diseases
Ohio: American experts have developed a highly sensitive battery-free horn device that can be worn around the neck. Sensors in it can identify various diseases by noting biomarkers in even small amounts of sweat.

Ohio State University scientists have developed it, the details of which have been published in the journal Science Advances. It has also been successfully tested on several patients and has successfully detected blood sugar levels in volunteers’ sweat.

The smart necklace does not have any kind of battery, but it works with an oscillatory circuit that generates electricity from a radio-free quincy signal from an external reader. Whether you’re cycling or taking a walk, this sensitive necklace can detect sugar from even the slightest amount of sweat.
But besides blood sugar levels, there are many other biomarkers in sweat that can tell the body. Professor Janghua Lai, the creator of the Globand sensor, says that if sensitive sensors that measure sweat components and chemicals can somehow be developed, they can act as a diagnostic laboratory and report many diseases.

Dr. Jinghua’s research suggests that evidence of disease, infection, and even trauma can be found in sweat. Similarly, saliva, tears and urine etc. also indicate many diseases. However, a necklace-like sensor worn around the neck can be painlessly modified in a laboratory at low cost and can also be customized according to the patient’s own physical needs, i.e. diseases.

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