An ’emotional’ counselor who turns unfaithful husbands away from ‘girlfriends’

An ’emotional’ counselor who turns unfaithful husbands away from ‘girlfriends’
BEIJING: Self-proclaimed ’emotional counselor’, 31-year-old Xiao Sheng has a unique skill: he breaks up with unfaithful husbands and their girlfriends who go ‘out of the house’ and pays for the same work. takes.

Xiao Sheng, who lives in China, started this untouched business alone six years ago today, but in just a few years, his business has grown so much that he has had to hire support staff.

Today, it has a support staff of eight, including customer service managers and situational analysts, as well as actors and directors, who help it adapt to the best possible scenario.
This has proved to be very lucrative for Sheng, as he receives an average compensation of 1.5 million yuan (approximately 3.6 million Pakistani rupees) for resolving any such case, although in some cases the compensation may be much higher or lower. ۔

Depending on the nature of the case, the majority of Sheng’s clients are wealthy women.

These women want to make their husbands ‘loyal’ again so quietly that they do not even know that someone else has a hand in breaking up with their girlfriend.

Sheng, along with his experts, fights new tricks and often manages to drive “non-women” out of his clients’ married lives.

When needed, he reassures the client by presenting his strategy (with the help of the director and actors) as a play.

However, the scope of Sheng’s services is not limited to this, but he also hires a ‘low tester’ to test love and loyalty in a couple.

These people try their best to seduce and seduce one of the married couple. So that they can know whether he is loyal to his spouse or not.

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