You may have heard of her from being deemed as “America’s Sexiest Wisconsinite” in the 2019 Maxim Hot 100, or from her alluring sultry photoshoots seen on her Instagram; wherever you may have heard of the name “Antje Utgaard,” it’s no secret she has continued to take the world by storm by constantly finding new ways to evolve and following her dreams. As the stunning Wisconsinite has garnered up a recognisable career as an actress, model, host, advocate, and business owner, she constantly redefines the meaning of an It Girl by never restraining her potential and nurturing her ambition.


Utgaard has accumulated recognition on all social media platforms from her dedicated two million followers who have supported her in all her ventures. Her modeling career began on instagram and has since continued to grow and branch into other areas of the entertainment business. After arriving in Los Angeles from Wisconsin, Antje wasted no time and began collaborating with other creators for platforms such as YouTube and the late Vine; from these collaborations bloomed a passion for acting and entertaining.


“I moved out to LA because I always wanted to be an entertainer so I packed up my car when I was 20 and moved out there by myself,” says Utgaard. “I got really lucky, I forced myself to go out every night and make connections and did collabs with people and that really helped me grow and I just never had to look back since.”


Since collaborating with other creators, Utgaard has continued her acting career with appearances and roles on various tv and movies such as: This is LA, Wild’N Out, 2017’s Sable, and 2019’s MobTown. In the spirit of a true hustler, she has her own show called Out of the Box with Antje found exclusively on OnlyFans TV (OFTV). In Out of the Box with Antje, Utgaard centers on taking her dedicated viewers on an adventure as she ventures into new fields and tries something new. “After being in the pandemic I just wanted to get out there and do stuff,” says Utgaard. “When you do stuff for the first time people want to experience that along with you so I hope to inspire them to do it as well.”

ANTJE UTGAARD official image

Her passion for acting has led her to seek out more roles in the entertainment business with two more upcoming roles, one being a role in director Tom-Roger Storvik’s comedy, Best Sheep. “Making people laugh and entertaining people has always been a passion of mine so if I can put two and two together, then that’s what starts my engine and makes me want to create things,” says Utgaard.


Utgaard continues to move towards solidifying her name amongst the greats by evolving and pursuing various different ventures. She hopes to continue to grow in the entertainment industry by following in the footsteps of industry household names such as Cameron Diaz and Steve Carell, and starring in more roles that highlight her fun and spunky personality. 


Already having contributed so much to the entertainment business, Utgaard has set her sights on being on the cover of Sports Illustrated, Maxim, Forbes, and Vogue. She also plans on building an empire centered around her various talents including making her mark in the fashion industry. “Never say never, there’s a million things I’d like to do,” says Utgaard. 


Following in her family’s steps, Utgaard is a dedicated advocate for charities that support a greener environment. She pulls motivation from her past experiences to advocate for children, especially those with learning disabilities. A true feminist, she wants to empower all women to conquer and utlize all their strength and direct it towards loving themselves. “Women need to feel that empowering independence and know they have the power to do whatever they set their sights on,” says Utgaard.


Utgaard’s resilient work ethic and years of experience have already put her in a position for achieving success.  Make sure to continue following along the journey as this boss babe takes the world by storm. You can expect to see her walking down a multitude of red carpets soon enough.



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