Apple launches low-cost FiveG phone

Apple launches low-cost FiveG phone
California: Mobile company Apple has begun work on a plan to provide low-cost FiveG iPhone to its customers.

According to a report in economic magazine Bloomberg, Apple plans to introduce low-cost FiveG phones and iPads on March 8 this year.

According to the report, the company’s low-cost Five G phone plan is designed in such a way that even older systems of the SE model will support the latest technology.

In this regard, an update is likely to be released on March 8, after which the SE model phones will be able to support FiveG technology, after which the mobile camera will be better and the speed will be faster.

All the information regarding the Five G phone came out from the sources but Apple company did not deny or confirm it.

According to technology experts, Apple will release a chip for older phones, which will improve the camera and speed of their mobile phones, while the software will support FiveG support.

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