At what point did Iqra and Yasir get kicked out of the restaurant?

At what point did Iqra and Yasir get kicked out of the restaurant?
Popular actress of Pakistan showbiz industry Iqra Aziz and her husband actor Yasir Hassan are counted among the popular duos of the industry while this actor duo of showbiz seems to be in the news every day due to their activities.

Now Iqra has made a revelation about Yasir to the fans.

The actor duo recently appeared on private TV in actor Ahsan Khan’s show. During the show, Ahsan Khan asked Iqra about an incident related to Yasir that embarrassed him. Iqra Aziz revealed that once we were all in a friend’s restaurant and Yasir broke the glass due to which the restaurant management kicked us out of the restaurant. During the show, Yasir Hussain said that the incident was a cause of embarrassment but it was not me but Iqra who broke the glass.

On the other hand, Iqrana denied that it has not been confirmed yet who broke the glass.

According to Iqra, we had friends with us in the incident, after which we all sat down and talked about who broke the glass but no one confessed.

Yasir Hussain further said that actor Shehzad Sheikh, actress Sahifa Jabbar and her husband were also with us in this incident.

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