Beauty and light manual beauty parlor for beauty

Beauty and light manual beauty parlor for beauty
NEW YORK: TheraBody, an electric massage company, has developed a revolutionary massage gun that cleanses the skin of delicate skin as well as relieves headaches.

This massager is called Theraphase Pro which uses a small amount of microcurrent and light. The 39 399 massager’s vibrations reach three millimeters deep in the skin. There are three external devices with a massager designed for their own use. Smooth panels for general use, angle shaped device for eye and lip areas while micropoint attachments can be used to massage large areas of skin such as forehead and cheeks.

Massage remover removes dust, oil and other impurities from the face. It releases a small amount of current which makes the skin smooth by toning it. Meanwhile, the red and blue LED removes freckles and wrinkles from the face. According to the company, there is some scientific evidence that light therapy can improve the face. Fortunately, it has also received FDA approval for light and current therapy.

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