Best Colors to Wear to Look Slim

Best Colors to Wear to Look Slim

When you have a basic understanding of colors, you can use them to accentuate your figure, and this can be an asset while you shop. When you correctly use clothing, colors can make you look slimmer and will conceal areas that you do not want to show off.

If you do not use flattering patterns or colors, you have the risk of wearing items that will make you look bigger. In case you are unsure of how to properly use colors to look thinner, you will find others who struggle with this as well. Check this basic guide to find clothes that look slimming and flattering.


Black is the darkest shade in the spectrum of colors, and it is the most flattering that creates an illusion that the person who wears a black attire looks a few pounds less than their actual weight. Therefore, black is the most popular color among people who want to try this trick, and give the impression that they are slimmer. Other dark shades like navy blue, dark grey, or chocolate brown also works. They are mainly used to give the wearer the benefit of casting an illusion of being slim. When you wear darker shades, you look slimmer

Layer Them Strategically

When you layer light colors and put the dark ones on top in order to get the best, you are on the right path. A light-colored or white blouse will look sophisticated and pretty under a navy blazer, structured black, or fitter cardigan. The vertical lines can elongate your body so make your body look slimmer and taller.

Mix it Up

However, you do not have to stick with monochrome colors in order to look slim. The truth is, an ideal combination of dark and light shades can be flattering as well, even if you are plus-size. You can go for alterations like dark bottoms for a hued top or it can be the other way around. In addition, a bright red or pink shade does a lot to create an impression of looking slim.

Balance Out Proportions

Ladies are going to look as if they have smaller upper bodies and curvy thighs and hips that balances out dark bottoms with bright tops. You can try wearing pastel-colored button-up with a black skirt so your upper body stands out in order to create an hourglass figure.

High-rise Jeans

High-waist jeans should be on your list because they are good for tucking the flab and it does an excellent job of making you look tall, slim, and slender. The stretchable, black, and those that stop right before your ankle are what you should be wearing. Therefore, you need to go for the straight-cut-high-rise jeans.


Do not use sloppy thongs and bra that will just add more attention to your muffin top. Bras that give you full coverage without bulges should be your choice.

Make sure to follow these tips when choosing colors of your clothes to look slimmer.

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