Body fat note manual scanner

Body fat note manual scanner
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Fat men and women are worried about their growing weight, and an ultrasound scanner that now fits in their pockets reveals the amount of fat in their bodies, as well as an app on how to lose fat and exercise.

It has been named the world’s first manual (portable) device for real-time imaging and ultrasound fat note. It is currently being advertised on the crowdfunding website IndieGo. The results of the scanner can be viewed directly on the smartphone app and thus the algorithm also keeps track of the increase or decrease in body fat.

The app also tells you where in the body the layer of pure fat is thick. For women and men who want to know the effects of exercise, diet and treatment for fat reduction, there is no better tool than Marvoto Z1.

Result in two seconds

Apply the ultrasound gel on the fat-filled area of ​​the abdomen and sides and place the device there and rotate it and in two seconds the amount of fat starts appearing on the smartphone. By keeping it safe, you can compare it to losing fat. This is why exercise directly stimulates weight loss by seeing fat loss firsthand.

Most importantly, the company also offers you a number of simple and practical ways to lose weight and lose fat that keep appearing on the app.

The device costs between 140 140 and 200 200.

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