Bollywood actor Govinda’s Corona test also came positive

Bollywood actor Govinda’s Corona test also came positive

Mumbai: Another senior Bollywood actor Govinda has also fallen victim to the corona virus, which has been declared a global epidemic.

In the morning, Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar’s corona test came positive after which he also quarantined himself at home.

According to Indian media, Bollywood actor Govinda was diagnosed with corona virus this morning after which he has quarantined himself at home.

A statement issued by Govinda’s manager said that the actor had minor symptoms of Corona.

According to the statement, Govinda is being treated at home. Earlier, Govinda’s wife and children were also diagnosed with coronary heart disease, but now they have recovered, the statement said.

Corona affects more than 131.3 million people worldwide

According to media reports, Govinda advised the visitors to be cautious and to undergo a corona test in case of symptoms.

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