Celebrity Tokyoblaison Named The Host Of MTV Mansion Party In Miami

MTV just released updates that Tokyoblaison along with 4 of his models will host the mansion party in Miami Florida. Due to Covid-19 the capacity will limit the amount of people who can enter the party. Some of you may recognize two of the models that is hosting this event. Charlese Holland of Las Vegas Nevada was published recently in Buzzfeed. She raised a lot of attention on the blogs across the world. Makenzie Brown of Dallas Texas also was published in Daily Reuters about her signing to the new reality show “Behind The Curtains.” The other two new faces we will find out more information on both girls. Cheyenne is also a native of Dallas and LaTasha Scales who is now located in Dallas Texas as well.

When we asked Tokyoblaison about the other two models he said “ Anyone I put front and center will get the job done.
When it comes to these girls they all have the capability to be the best they just have to want it.”

Tokyoblaison will also be celebrating his birthday bash at the mansion as well. Tickets will be released l in October of 2021. More celebrity news will be released soon.


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