China bans taking exams from students up to 7 years old

China bans taking exams from students up to 7 years old
BEIJING: China has made major changes to its education system, banning children up to the age of seven from taking exams.

According to the International News Agency, in order to go from nursery to higher education in China, it is necessary to pass the exam, but now the education system has undergone fundamental changes.

A statement from China’s Ministry of Education said the pressure of fierce competition in exams has adversely affected the mental and physical development of young children, while parents are also under pressure.
The statement further said that in view of the stress of children and parents, it has been decided that students up to the age of 7 years will not be tested. Until the age of 7, children will continue to go to the next classes without taking the exam.

In the new education system, children have been instructed to reduce the number of semester examinations, monthly tests and emphasis has been laid on annual examinations.

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