Chinese scientists call computers ‘public prosecutors’

Chinese scientists call computers ‘public prosecutors’
Shanghai: Chinese experts have used artificial intelligence to create a system that acts like a public prosecutor, fully advocating against the accused on behalf of the state.

During initial tests at the Shanghai Law Department, the system showed 97% accuracy, which is being described as satisfactory.

For the purpose of investigation, the system is provided with all the details of a criminal case, after which it identifies the “most suspicious accused”.
According to the South China Morning Post, the automated system can detect eight types of crimes, including fraud, gambling, premeditated assault, theft, government interference and dangerous driving. Can also point to

In this regard, Chinese experts say that at the moment it will not replace the public prosecutor, but will certainly help and guide them in the proceedings.

It should be noted that public prosecutors in China are already seeking help in various cases with the help of a software known as “System 206” which is equipped with artificial intelligence.

The new system has been developed with improvements and additions to the software that can quickly “carefully” read the finer details of any case (police reports, witness statements and testimonials, etc.) and relate them. Selects points, analyzes them and decides whether the accused should be convicted or not.

Experts on the ethics of artificial intelligence have expressed concern over the publication of this news, raising the question of who will be held responsible if this system mistakenly convicts an innocent person.

The system is in the testing phase, which will be widely used only after reviewing several aspects. When will this happen? At the moment nothing can be said about it.