Corona diagnosis mask ready in 10 minutes

Corona diagnosis mask ready in 10 minutes
Shanghai: Scientists have developed a mask that can diagnose the corona virus within 10 minutes.

The highly sensitive face mask detects the virus in the air and notifies the mask wearer through an app on their phone. Apart from the corona virus, the mask also has the ability to diagnose swine flu and bird flu.

These diseases are spread in the air in the form of droplets emitted by infected people when they speak, cough or sneeze.
These fine and invisible molecules stay in the air for a long time and people get sick due to breathing in this air.

Researchers in China tested the mask in a closed chamber where a liquid containing virus proteins was sprayed onto the mask.

The sensor alerted the wire when only 0.3 microliters of liquid was splashed. This amount is 70 to 560 times less than the droplets produced by sneezing and even fewer droplets produced by coughing or talking.

The sensor in the mask contains aptamers. It is a type of synthetic molecule that can target proteins present in pathogens.

The aptamers in the masks scientists tested could diagnose Covid-19, swine flu and bird flu.

One of the study’s authors, Dr. Yin Feng, from Shanghai Tongji University, said that previous studies had shown that face masks reduce the chance of the disease spreading.

He said that we wanted to make a mask that warns of the presence of the virus in the air and warns the wearer of the mask.