Corona has taken over Bollywood, several actors have contracted the virus
Mumbai: Rising cases of Corona in India have also affected Bollywood and several actors have fallen victim to the virus.

Corona virus is spreading rapidly in India and the rate of the virus has risen to alarming levels. The rapid spread of the virus has also engulfed Bollywood and in just the last one week. In a short period of time, many actors have fallen victim to the virus.
The recent outbreak of the corona virus first affected Ranbir Kapoor, Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Manoj Bajpayee, while now famous actors Ashish Vidyarthi, Tara Sutaria and Siddhant Chatterjee have also fallen victim to the virus.
Actor Ashish Vidyarthi, who played the role of a villain in Indian films, has been shifted to hospital after testing positive for corona. Rent
Khobro actress Tara Sotaria, who started her film career with the film ‘Student of the Year’, has also gone to quarantine after contracting the virus, but no news has come out about her condition.
Sadhant Chatterjee, who made a name for herself in Bollywood with the film ‘Gali Boy’, also reported on the social networking site that the corona test came back positive, saying that she had quarantined herself when fans worried about her health.

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