Diapers full of sensors that detect disease

Diapers full of sensors that detect disease
Beijing: Doctors and pathologists know that urine also indicates many diseases and health. Smart diaper technology with sensors can now track the health of the elderly, especially those in need of immediate care.

The reason is that patients wearing diapers are not bothered to take repeated urine samples and now Chinese experts have inserted a sensitive sensor into a normal diaper that allows the patient’s urine to be analyzed in real time. The technology was developed jointly by Xie Xie and Hui Join, experts at the university.

One sensor is about 25 US cents and has five different types of electrodes. They are connected to a blue tooth contact circuit board connected to a lithium ion battery. The electrode is designed to detect sodium ions, potassium ions, hydrogen peroxide, uric acid, and glucose. If all these components are excreted in the urine in excess of a certain limit, then they are a sign of some disease.

In the next phase, the sensors were tested on three volunteers. Experts were amazed that the effectiveness of diaphragm technology was similar to that of commercial diagnostic systems, including paper strips.

Then it was put in a regular diaper and urine drops were dripped on it. The purpose was to test the diaper in a real environment. At one point the diaper filled up and the sensor started taking readings and showing the exact data. Now if the smartphone is brought to the diaper then the data transfer starts and thus it can be sent to the doctor. This research is published in ACS Applied Nanomaterials.

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