Discover the mysterious cause of the wheel’s brain remaining at floating

Discover the mysterious cause of the wheel’s brain remaining at floating
British Columbia: Canadian researchers have finally found the mysterious reason for the wheel’s brain to float.

A new study has found that the blood vessels in the whale’s brain protect against the blood flow from the blood flow.

A new study by scientists at the University of British Columbia, Canada, highlights why the whale’s brain does not hurt when floating.
Researchers believe that the purpose of the presence of blood vessels in the brain and spinal cord of the wheel has been resolved through computer modeling.

Dr. Robert Shadowk, senior author of the research, said that this animal is the largest on earth, possibly the largest animal so far, and how and what they do for their survival is an interesting thing for the basic biology. Is.

In the groundmmetries, such as horses, when the gallopter runs, they face a sharp heartbeat where their body’s blood pressure is up and down every step.

In a new research, the head of the author, Dr. Margo Lilly and his team, for the first time, covered that the same thing happens with the marijuana, the whales that move up and down.

Researchers, while hiding, said why the whale avoids the latest damage to the brain.

In the mummies, the average blood pressure is higher than the veins in the arteries (which is flowing from the heart). The difference in pressure determines the blood flow to the body, including the brain.

However, movement circulates blood through strength, which increases blood pressure in the brain.

According to Dr. Lilly, such a latest damage can be made of dementia in humans.

But the horses breathe in the breath and deal with the sharp beating, while the whale divers and stopped the breath while floating and dealing with this situation.