Discover the treatment of leukemia in the Brazilian tree

Discover the treatment of leukemia in the Brazilian tree
Cambridge: A deadly type of blood -infected cancer is My Lovicamia, which causes rapid death. Now a compound (compound) is found in a famous Brazilian tree bark that can be used in treatment.

Now this compound can be easily used because in a new way it can be easily delivered to cancerous parts. In My Louid leukemia, blood -shaped and useless cells become rapidly and the patient becomes dead in a few years.

A compound is found in the trunk of a tree called LaPachu, called ‘BT LaPachoon’. Although it can prevent cancer cell production, it soon found that it causes a lot of damage to cancer cells. Now, Dr. Gonnezelo Berbards, affiliated with Cambridge’s Trent Hall College, says: “Many natural compounds eliminate cancer, but their toxicity damages healthy cells and so it is not possible to use it.”
Experts have changed the compound to control its negative effects. It has been sought with two technology. On the one hand, adding chemicals to the negative effects of the mixture that acts like a veil. This mask creates an acid environment that is like the internal system of the cell.

In the second phase, experts linked this changed compound B. LaPachone to a protein (a type of antibody) that directly influences the cancer cell.

This research has been published in the journal Nature Chemistry and it is hoped that this will help with treatment. Experts say that My Louid is a powerful bio -marker CD -33 of the severe condition of leukemia, which is present in cancerous cells. This new compound sticks to CD33 and puts medicine on it.

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