Discussion on social media on Feroz Khan’s statement of multiple marriages

Discussion on social media on Feroz Khan’s statement of multiple marriages
Karachi: Actor Feroz Khan’s statement on multiple marriages sparked a debate among social media users.

A short clip of actor Feroz Khan’s participation in Ahsan Khan’s show “Time Out with Ahsan Khan” has been going viral on social media for the past few days in which he said in favor of multiple marriages. We should also have more marriages following the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet. Although the show has not aired yet, this short clip of the show has gone viral on social media and users are expressing their views on Feroz Khan’s statement.

Some people are expressing their displeasure over this statement of Feroze Khan and saying that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) has said many more things and follow them, except for four marriages. Another user, quoting a mufti, said that Muslim men do not follow any duty but it is a Sunnah of four wives to follow it.


A user named Shehryar Asghar criticized Feroz Khan and said, “I don’t like this family. This person doesn’t know how to treat his first wife and I don’t think he can do justice to more marriages.” Will

A woman named Aniqa was also displeased with Feroz Khan’s statement. She wrote that only these men remember the same Sunnah of their Prophet. They forgot how to keep a wife. This is our Feroz Bhai. Some people have written that there are other ways to earn a reward.


Another woman wrote that when men are asked to fulfill their duties or rights, they say understand my compulsion and when the wife is forced and annoyed by the situation and starts demanding her right, they immediately say, stay like this, otherwise stay I am getting married and leaving you.

Another user said that Feroze Khan also likes to be in the news because of his nonsense. One was not handled, the other is interested in the third.

Some people also commented in support of actor Feroz Khan. One user wrote that although 99% of men get married only once, when someone talks about polygamy, many liberals and feminists come out of their caves and start arguing.


It should be noted that Feroze Khan was married to Syeda Aliza in 2018 and they have a son Muhammad Sultan Khan. However, the news of the separation between Feroze Khan and his wife went viral on social media last year and Haniya Aamir was being blamed for their separation. But neither Feroze Khan, Haniya Aamir nor Aliza had responded to the news nor could the separation between Feroz Khan and his wife Aliza be confirmed.

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