Everything You Need To Know About RockstarRican

If you aren’t familiar with RockstarRican read more about him below;

Romique Thompson, professionally known as RockstarRican is an American hip-hop artist, and songwriter. He was born in Richmond, VA on April 3rd, 1996. Throughout RockstarRican’s childhood and teenage life, he mainly played basketball. While growing up, he gets a taste of both words listening to music. He listened to artists like daft punk, Michael Jackson, Miss Elliott, ice cube, Run DMC, Beastie Boys, and more.

In high school, RockstarRican dipped into making music but never released songs. He was always nervous too because he really loved playing basketball.

An upcoming artist named RockstarRican ended up finishing high school and went on to pursue a full-time career in making music but didn’t quite release any of his work right away. In 2017 he would make a name for himself after becoming popular on Instagram. In 2019, he ends up going viral on the internet getting known as the “RockstarRican” from a snippet he posted on Instagram which has gotten over 300,000 views. Not until 2019, RockstarRican decided to make a song and actually released it. He released his first new single called “Fake” produced by “Nic Colombo” which has thousands of streams and has been featured on a lot of blogs. He plans on releasing singles throughout the year to catch a bigger buzz and hopefully have a successful music career.




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