Facebook will employ 10,000 people for MetaVers

Facebook will employ 10,000 people for MetaVers
California: Facebook will employ 10,000 people from Europe for its new computing platform ‘Metaverse’.

According to the Associated Press, Facebook recently introduced MetaWars, a modern computing platform that invisibly connects Internet users to each other in partnership with virtual reality and augmented reality. Metavers is an online world where people can communicate with games, work and more using VR (Virtual Reality) headsets in a virtual environment. And these new recruits will be a link in the same chain.

According to a blog published by Facebook, 10,000 people will be recruited from the European Union in the next 5 years and these high-skilled employees will help create ‘Metavers’, in which people will be exposed to virtual and augmented reality. Help is promised to connect invisibly to each other.
It should be noted that this new product of Facebook is subject to privacy concerns. Critics say social media is gaining more and more control over people’s online lives through platforms such as MetaWars. While Facebook is calling Metavers the most important advancement in the field of technology after mobile internet.

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