For the fifth time, the husband left his wife after the twins were born

For the fifth time, the husband left his wife after the twins were born
Kampala: A strange incident happened in Uganda when a man left home after saying goodbye to his wife for the fifth time after giving birth to twins.

It should be noted that his wife, Nilango Gloria, never resorted to in vitro fertilization (IVF) for the birth of children, despite the fact that she always gave birth to twins and recently she gave birth to her ninth child for the fifth time. And has given birth to the tenth child.

On the birth of the ninth and tenth child, her husband Salongo has said goodbye to the woman. The husband is of the opinion that this is not normal and now he can no longer support the woman and the children. On the other hand, the woman has given a unique reason for it.
Nelango Gloria said that I don’t know where my husband will send me because that is what I came to Kampala for. She said several times that she only wanted one child per pregnancy. Now that I have become a mother for the fifth time, he has said that he cannot bear it and has asked me to leave the house. My husband has added that he cannot take care of me and the children anymore.

The woman said that “I know that he does not like my children, but I cannot leave my children and now I am in a lot of pain and entrust my matter to God”.

It should be noted that the woman’s two twins have left home after growing up and one twin died a few years ago.

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