Get rid of unwanted followers on Twitter without blocking!

Get rid of unwanted followers on Twitter without blocking!

Social media platform Twitter is working on a new feature that allows followers who make inverted comments to be chased without being blocked.

The Twitter support team explained this feature in a tweet yesterday.

The tweet explains how to use the new feature “Remove” with short text and screenshots.

To do this you need to go to the profile in your Twitter account and open the list of followers. A three-dot icon will also appear with each follower when the list appears.

Clicking on this icon will bring up various options, one of which will be “Remove this follower”.


When this option is selected, a warning will appear stating that this follower will be removed and will not be notified about your new tweets. However, it will be able to follow you again in the future.


Below the warning will be two buttons, one for cancellation and the other for removal.

By clicking Remove you will be able to remove this unwanted follower from this list.

This feature is currently only for desktop computers, which will soon be introduced on the Twitter app (Android and iOS).