Giorgio Armani Biography, Facts & Life Story Updated 2021

Giorgio Armani Biography:

The Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani is a fashion icon who’s well-known for his menswear.

Armani has expanded to include hotels and restaurants in his enormous empire.  Famous because of his sharp, clean and tailored menswear lines, Armani is considered the very prosperous designer Italy has produced.  Armani was born on 11th July 1934 from town of Piacenza, Italy.

Produced in a humble family, he faced a tough time that was shadowed with aftermaths of the 2nd World War.  Armani wanted to go for a career in medicine therefore he enrolled at the University of Milan but in 1953 abandoned his studies to enlist in the army.  After he experienced the life in hospitals in Verona, Armani realized that this was not exactly what he wanted. 

Later on he became a seller from the menswear section which helped him experience many features of this fashion industry.  In the 1960s Armani joined the company Nino Cerruti’ at which he had been incharge of designing menswear.  

For the next decade Armani was high demand and  his work was highly acclaimed amongst the global press.  On the recommendation of his partner Sergio Galeotti, he decided to establish his own label. 

In 1975, he found Giorgio Armani S.p.A’ at Milan and in October started his first selection of ready to use men’s and women’s clothing for summer 1976.

Giorgio Armani Personal Information:

Giorgio Armani Full Name  Giorgio Armani
Giorgio Armani Nicknames  N/A
Giorgio Armani Age 87 Years Old
Giorgio Armani Place of Birth  Piacenza, Italy
Giorgio Armani Date of Birth July 11, 1934
Giorgio Armani Zodiac Sign Cancer
Giorgio Armani Nationality  Italian
Giorgio Armani Height  5 Foot 8 inch
Giorgio Armani Weight  78 Kg

Giorgio Armani Family and job Details:

Giorgio Armani  Education Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna, University of Milan
Giorgio Armani Parents  N/A 
Giorgio Armani Status Married
Giorgio Armani Children  N/A  
Giorgio Armani Wife  Roberta Armani
Giorgio Armani Occupation Italian fashion designer
Giorgio Armani Net Worth $600 Million


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