Haniya Amir’s message to self-critics

Haniya Amir’s message to self-critics
Crossing boundaries. ”

“There are only a handful of real people left in the world,” says Haniya. Real people are scared because they are called by strange names because they are their own.

With the number of followers on Instagram reaching 4 million, Haniya responded by sharing the video series with people who criticize the mood they post, according to Haniya: “I don’t understand people who comment below my posts. They are following me because I am crossing my boundaries. ”


The actress wondered, “What are you talking about?” I always spoke of love and respect. ”

Haniya thanked her followers and said that she loves everyone, including her trolls.

On April Fool’s Day, Aamir had shocked social media users with the news of his engagement. He posted a picture of himself wearing a diamond ring, after which there was speculation on social media that Haniya was engaged to music artist Shimon Ismail.