Haniya deleted social media apps after breakup

Haniya deleted social media apps after breakup
Singer Asim Azhar has revealed that Haniya Aamir was saddened when a sensitive issue like break up was mocked on social media.

A clip of Asim Azhar’s interview with host Waqar Zaka on Instagram last year is going viral.

In an interview with Waqar Zaka, Asim Azhar said that if something is very close to your heart and it is made fun of in public, then your heart hurts a lot.

“I have been patient during this time and I will give the same advice to all the youth. If you see anything against you, you should block it from your life and be patient because patience is the best medicine,” he said.
Asim Azhar added that after the breakup with Haniya, I had deleted Instagram, Twitter and Facebook from my mobile for 6 days. I did not deactivate the accounts because if I did, the problem would get longer. So I deleted all these apps from my mobile these days because of which I could not read or see the messages running against me on social media, that was better for me.
It may be recalled that last year, actress Haniya Aamir and singer Asim, who have been close friends for many years, broke up.

A few days ago, when Haniya Aamir’s clip with Asher Wajahat came out on social media, he was severely criticized, while Asim Azhar had also posted a post in this regard.