Harry and Megan announce the birth of a daughter

Harry and Megan announce the birth of a daughter
LONDON (Reuters) – Prince Harry and Princess Megan have announced the birth of their long-awaited baby girl, saying the baby was born “Charlie Lily Bit Diana” and in fact the British Queen Lily Bit and Princess Diana. The names of have been merged.

The baby’s full name is Lily Diana Mountbatten Windsor, who is also the Queen’s first granddaughter born outside the UK. It should be noted that this is the second child of Megan and Harry. Before that, a son Archie was born. Lily Butt was born in California. Lily Butt is currently named after Queen Elizabeth’s great-grandmother K, while the girl’s grandmother is named after Princess Diana.

The management of the cottage hospital in Santa Barbara has reported the well-being of the mother and daughter, who weighed three and a half kilograms at birth.

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