Houthi rebels kidnap young model

Houthi rebels kidnap young model

Sanaa: Houthi rebels have abducted a young model while she was traveling to shoot a play. The model was abducted in the capital, Sanaa.

The Houthi rebels who abducted the model now plan to present her in a kangaroo court, according to the international news agency.

The abducted model is accused of modeling without hijab against Islamic values ​​and thus creating bad traditions in the society.

The abducted 20-year-old model Antisar al-Hamadai and two of her accomplices have been abducted from a Houthi-controlled area.

The model’s lawyer, Khalid Muhammad al-Kamal, said Houthi prosecutors would ask questions, which would be completely illegal.

According to a news release, the abducted model Antisar has been kept at an unknown location in the capital. According to initial reports, the main reason for the abduction of the model is to dress in a way that is against Islamic values.

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Yemen’s information minister says Houthi rebels must stop abducting women and release all missing women unconditionally.

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