How much does it cost to get a passport around the world?

How much does it cost to get a passport around the world?
Passport is an important document that is very important for international travel. The cost of printing a passport is the same in almost all countries, but how much does it cost to get a passport? Or how cheap or expensive can a passport be in terms of local purchasing power? These are the questions that Saving Spot has answered in an interesting study.

According to research, the average cost of obtaining a passport worldwide is 74 74.

Looking at the dollar exchange rate in January 2021, Savings Post used data available for each country to estimate the cost of making a passport there.

According to research, the most expensive passport in the world is from Syria, where locals have to spend 800 800 to get a passport.

Just a decade ago, a Syrian passport cost less than 9 9, but now the serious political situation, corruption, the destruction of border crossings and the fear of refugees in the West are all factors that make travel for ordinary Syrians. Making it difficult and expensive.

Lebanon has the second most expensive passport after Syria at 33 331, and even after spending so much money, Lebanese are allowed to enter only 40 countries.

The study also estimated how easy it is for people in every country to obtain a passport, for example, the value of a dollar in North America is very different in Central Africa. So the hourly wage was standardized to estimate how many hours it would take to collect the money needed for the passport.

In this regard, the African country of Malawi is at the forefront, where the cost of a passport is 8 118, but to earn just that much money, one has to work 983 hours. Malawi is followed by Congo, Antigua and Barbuda, Burundi, Sierra Leone, Rwanda, Mozambique, Benin, Yemen and Haiti.

According to research, the cost of making a passport in Pakistan is  34, but it will take 33 hours to earn it, which is much more than the neighboring countries.

It costs 7.8 hours to get a 20 20 passport in India and  18 in China, which can be obtained with just 3.7 hours of hard work.

It takes more than 40 hours to get a 35 35 passport in Bangladesh.

The cheapest passport in the world is from the African country of Madagascar, which is absolutely free. The next cheapest passport in the world is from Armenia, which costs only  2.

It costs just 14 14 to get a passport in the UAE, meaning anyone can get a passport with an average income of less than an hour.

Although the cost of a US passport is very high, 14 145, the salaries are so high that the average American worker can earn a passport for just half a day’s work.

In contrast, there is a similarity in European countries, where in almost all EU states it takes less than 10 hours to obtain a passport. The only exception is Romania.

The study also found that many EU citizens do not even have a passport, as they are only allowed to travel to EU countries on their ID card, which is much cheaper than passports.

Assessing the cost and the value of the resulting passport, Lebanon has the worst passport after Syria, where even after getting a passport for a whopping 33 331, you are only allowed to enter 40 countries.

Armenia’s 2 2 passport, on the other hand, is the best, allowing you to enter 63 countries. UAE passports are more attractive where you can get a passport for 14 14 and get direct access to 170 countries.

15 more countries can be traveled without a visa with a US passport. A South Korean passport can also be obtained for just  32, which a Korean can earn with an average income of 1.6 hours, and if found, it can give him access to 189 countries.

Japan and Singapore are the countries whose passports give access to more than 191 and 190 countries respectively.

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