How much is Mahira Khan’s salary?

How much is Mahira Khan’s salary?

Superstar Mahira Khan has sent a message to those who share false information against her on social media.

A video clip of the expert going viral on Instagram in which he can be seen holding a question card in his hand and talking.

The expert told the card fans that these are the special questions that Google wants to know about them.

Looking at the card, the actress read a question and said what is Mahira Khan’s salary?

In response to this question, the expert said that it depends on what I do, if I do a film, my remuneration is less, but if I do a commercial, my remuneration is a little higher.

In the video, the expert refused to give the actual figure of compensation.

“I would just like to say that my salary is not as high as the fans think because my cousin showed me a video on YouTube in which a beautiful house was called my house,” she said.

The actress said that after watching this video, I wish it was my house, because I don’t have my own room in my house.

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