Hrithik Roshan erupted at the janitor of the hospital

Hrithik Roshan erupted at the janitor of the hospital
MUMBAI: Indian actor Hrithik Roshan got angry when he was prevented from being admitted to a hospital, while a video of the incident went viral.

Indian actor Hrithik Roshan has always been seen laughing with everyone and talking in a very soft tone whether he is at a party function, with actors or with his fans, Hrithik Roshan is always seen smiling but social media But a video is going viral in which the actors are seen talking to the hospital janitor in a very angry manner.

According to Indian media, the video shows the hospital janitor stopping the actor from entering and telling him to go through the other door, at which he gets angry and angrily says, “Hey, let’s talk like that,” after which Hrithik Roshan watches the watchman angrily and leaves.

Indian media say that the hospital had opened the second door for admission due to code SOPs, but Hrithik may not have been aware of this, which enraged him and he got angry with the watchman, but Hrithik Roshan There has been no word yet on the video.

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