I want to live my life, Britney Spears demands court to end parental guardianship

I want to live my life, Britney Spears demands court to end parental guardianship

Famous American pop star Britney Spears has appealed to the court that she wants to end her father’s legal guardianship so that she can live her life freely.


According to foreign media, Britney Spears, breaking the silence on the patronage of her life and wealth after 13 years, told the judge for the first time that she wants to end this oppressive case which has hurt her feelings badly.


In court, the singer also slammed her father and others for her wealth and self-care, saying that they forced her to take contraceptives and other drugs against her will so that I could not get married or become a mother. Coins



Leading American singer Britney Spears, what is wrong with her father?


The 39-year-old singer alleged that her father was happy to hurt her and was abusing his authority. In 2019, she was forced to go to a psychiatric hospital even though I called her on the phone for an hour. But he did not listen to one, he is relieved by hurting his daughter.


“I have no control over my life under my father’s legal guardianship, so now is the time to give my life back so that I can live as I please. If it weren’t for this guardianship system, I would be my son-in-law,” she said. Friend Sam would have married Asghari and we would have had a child.


The singer said that my long silence was also used against me even though I was in shock and was badly ignored.


James Spear, the father of the 39-year-old American pop star, has been his legal guardian for the past 13 years due to his daughter’s poor mental health.


Fans of Britney Spears have long believed that she was forced into surveillance and held captive by her father and others, with fans using the hashtag ‘Free’ on social media. There is also a campaign called ‘Britney’.


Patronage background

Britney Spears is one of America’s leading singers for her voice and beauty. She made a fortune at an early age, but her decline began in 2004 when she met her childhood friend Jason Alexander. He got married to her which ended a few days later.


Britney later married Kevin Federline, with whom she had two sons, but they divorced in 2007 and lost the right to care for their children, leaving her with severe mental health problems.


The court then appointed her father and a lawyer as her guardians, overseeing Britney’s wealth, health and even her personal life for many years.


In 2019, the actress’ father, James Spear, resigned from the post of chief guardian due to ill health, while his lawyer also resigned from his responsibilities last year, after which the court temporarily appointed another lawyer. The guardian was appointed.


Following the expiration of the new guardian’s term, the court re-appointed her father as the guardian of Britney Spears until 2021, after which the singer approached the court to remove her father.