If you are tired of smartphones, try a SIM dial phone

If you are tired of smartphones, try a SIM dial phone
WASHINGTON: Simple dial phones are often remembered by smart people in the 1990’s, and now an open source code can be used to create a phone that is not smart but can be used to receive or send calls. It has been dubbed ‘Rotary in Smartphone’.

Even though smartphones are a small powerful computer, people are still confused by apps and screens. Now a space engineer, Justin Hopp, has created a very simple phone that you can easily carry around in your pocket.

Justin writes on his website that on the one hand, it is made without the hassle of touch and apps, and on the other hand, it is reminiscent of the 1980’s and 90’s charging phones. In many ways, it is an ancient and modern combination.

Earlier, Justin had introduced a simple model two years ago, but now the new design looks dazzling and has been fitted with a machine bell, the sound of which goes far and wide, along with the sound of the whistle.

The brass bell is embellished with gold and silver. It has two displays with front and back like e-paper. It also has a mechanical power switch and a small antenna for better signaling.

Although rotating the plastic dial over and over again can be a daunting task, you can add phones of friends and family to your memory. After that, by turning the dial twice, you will be automatically connected like a digital phone. But people who use it say that they enjoy dialing the phone.

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