It is now possible to buy and sell NFT on eBay

It is now possible to buy and sell NFT on eBay
San Jose, California: eBay, a popular consumer auction website, has officially started buying and selling non-fungible tokens (NFT).

In this regard, the company has also signed a formal agreement with NFT’s popular digital marketplace Noon Origin on June 21. Following the agreement, David Moore, head of Noon Origin, said it would attract NFT makers and traders.

Although eBay is one of the most popular and largest websites of its kind in the world, Known Origin claims to be the largest and most important NFT market in the world.
Ethereum is currently the twelfth largest NFT trading company with assets of 78 7.8 million, but OpenC is currently the largest NFT website with a trading volume of 30 30 billion.

Following the agreement, eBay certified customers will be able to sell to NFT just like any other item. This will require providing an NFT minute number, digital wallet and other details. At the moment, any NFT can be kept at a maximum of 10,000.