Janet Jackson’s black jacket auctioned for more than PRs 10 Million

Janet Jackson’s black jacket auctioned for more than Rs
Five-time Grammy Award-winning singer Janet Jackson’s famous jacket was auctioned for 20 times more than the estimated amount of more than one and a half crore rupees.

According to foreign media, the 55-year-old singer wore this jacket during her tour of Japan in 1990.

Due to the singer’s auctioned black jacket metal hardware, the three-day auction and the four-decade-old actress’ stage costumes and memorabilia are invaluable.

According to media reports, the jacket was expected to sell forĀ  4,000 to 6 6,000, but sold at 20 times the expected price, but the buyer’s name was not revealed.
Singer Janet Jackson is believed to be selling more than 1,000 outfits on her tours, the red carpet and stage these days.

Last week, the singer sold the 1990s Hope Air Ring forĀ  43,000.

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