Manicure and pedicure accessories you can use

Manicure and pedicure accessories you can use


Manicure and pedicure basically involve cosmetic treatment and fingernails and toes. You can finish it in the salon or in your home with the right tool. Important tools are needed to care for and arrange your nails perfectly. Adequate nail treatment helps prevent fungal infections in the nails and manicure or pedicure sessions can help alleviate stress. In this case, you will need treatment for nail fungus. Now let’s look at important tools for manicures and pedicures.

Important tools for manicures

First, get an environment that is suitable for your use and comfort. Then let’s start with the tools needed.

Poland eraser: Before starting the nail care process, you need to clean the previously applied nail polish. Use acetone free polish remover to keep your nails safe from the acetone drying effect.

Cream Cream: Your cuticle deserves to be treated, so get a good cuticle cream and gently massage into your cuticle.

Lotion: Moist nails do not break or cracked, apply nail lotion to keep your nails hydrated.

Nail Brush: Use this to remove particles such as dust on nails which are residues from archiving or pruning.

Pusher Cuticle: If you finish artificial nails, you need a cuticle driver to push the cuticle again and activate the right nail placement.

Cuticle scissors: Some cuticle skin becomes old and unattractive, use cuticle scissors to trim your cuticles gently and evenly to make a neat appearance.

Nippers: Don’t pull the hangnail instead use the nipper to cut it gently and prevent tissue tears.

Nail files: Most people use the Emery board but the best is you get glass or crystal nails, not the first. Although the Emery board is relatively cheaper, they are worn faster and do not submit as smooth as the glass nail file.

Cotton Balls: You don’t want to apply nail products with your hands, get enough cotton balls to effectively apply nail products such as polish erasers on nails.

Tweezers: oh yes, tweezers are very important to choose small items and many random things.

Poland: After all pruning and cleaning, you definitely want to add colors and luster to the beautiful nails. Nail polish comes in every color and shade so get the most suitable for you.

Center: Use a small brush to draw patterns and add creative touch to your nails.

Important tool for pedicure

Bamboo Stick: Residue from nail archiving and cuticle pruning needs to be swept and cleaned. Use bamboo sticks to collect and remove residues.

Foot Spa Soaker: This can be a bowl and is used to absorb or burden the feet in a lotion in soap.

Astringent Foot Supply: This is used to remove germs and clean the feet.

Exfoliating Foot Scrub: This is important for removing and washing dead skin and calluses.

Toe separator: This is placed between the toes to prevent stains and to keep each foot in its place.

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