Medical staff can improve their performance by sleeping for a while in the night shift

Medical staff can improve their performance by sleeping for a while in the night shift
London: A recent survey has revealed that if the night shifts in hospitals, if they swell for 20 minutes, it can improve their performance, which is necessary to protect the patients themselves.

On the other hand, it has been suggested that doctors and nurses should not be allowed to do their duty for three consecutive nights as it affects their health and concentration, which can inevitably affect patients with care and life and themselves. The staff can’t work well.

Dr. Nancy RedFreen, affiliated with Newcastle Hospital in the UK, says the fatigue and drunkenness of doctors and nurses may also be fatal to patients. If the nurses and other doctors working during the night period are allowed to sleep for 20 minutes in the case of power nap, they work carefully and can drive home better.
The research was presented at a conference in Milan, Italy. It also features experiences of half doctors, experts, nurses and newcomers associated with the Royal College of Anesthetics as evidence. All the participants said that after waking up for 20 consecutive hours, they suffered a small or major accident, or how they survived the accident. In this way, the speed of the physical clock was at its lowest point, which affects the same as drunkenness after drinking.

The terrifying thing is that the awakened nurses and the doctor already returned to their homes after 12 hours of duty, their ride rate doubled.

In addition, if medical staff is kept in sleep for 16 to 18 hours, the ability to listen and know their condition may also be gradually affected.

That is why experts have emphasized the better sleep of medical staff, nurses and doctors.

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