Mia Khalifa announces divorce from her husband

Mia Khalifa announces divorce from her husband

Former   actress Mia Khalifa has announced her divorce from her husband Robert Sandberg.

Mia Khalifa recently shared a post on her Instagram about her decision to divorce, saying in her post that she did her best to make the relationship a success.

Mia Khalifa’s important message for Pakistanis

“We can say with confidence that we have spared no effort to make our marriage a success, but after a year of therapy and effort, we are parting ways,” he said.


“We will always love and respect each other because we know that one event cannot separate us, but tangled relationships and some fundamental differences, for which we cannot blame each other,” he said.

Some time ago, Mia Khalifa claimed from her Twitter account that her tick talk has been banned in Pakistan, after which she will now share tick talk videos for her Pakistani fans on her Twitter account.

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