Miky Lee Biography, Facts & Life Story Updated 2021

 Miky Lee was born in Michigan in April 1958. She graduated from Harvard University, and National University. Miky Lee was  married to Kim Seok-ki. She is responsible for overseeing the strategic direction and management for the entertainment. 

Miky Lee Biography:


Miky Lee  Name Miky Lee 
Miky Lee Birthday Apr 8, 1958
Miky Lee Zodiac Sign Aries
Miky Lee  Age 63 Years old
Miky Lee Gender Female
Miky Lee Height 5 feet and 5 inches
Miky Lee Nationality South Korea


Miky Lee Profession Film Producer
MMiky Lee Parents N/A
Miky Lee Net Worth $550  Million
Miky Lee Marital status Married 
Miky Lee Husband Kim Seok-ki
Miky Lee Children N/A
Mark Burnett  Weight 57 Kg
Mark Burnett  BirthPlace South Korea





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