Mountain spring, which stops flowing every 15 minutes

Mountain spring, which stops flowing every 15 minutes
Utah: There are many mysterious wonders of nature in the world, including a natural phenomenon in Utah that stops for 15 minutes after flowing for 15 minutes and then flows again for 15 minutes as if this series continues.

The waterfall-like spring is located east of Efton Town in Wyoming, also known as the Breathing Waterfall or Periodic Spring. Although there are some such springs in other parts of the world, it is also the largest spring in the world, located in the Swift Creek valley. Not a drop of water flows from it when it is dry and no one can stand in front of it when the rain starts after 15 minutes. The exact cause of this amazing miracle is not yet known, but geologists have stated a scientific reason for it, which seems understandable.

According to scientists, the cause of the fountain is the siphon effect. A siphon is an invention in which a rubber hose is attached to a vessel placed at the top and its other end is turned downwards and thus the water starts flowing downwards due to air pressure. This waterfall works on the same principle. The water falling from its mouth comes up through a narrow path and below it there is a siphon-like tank-like structure in which the water overflows into a narrow path after reaching a certain level and flows out of it. Think. After that, when the water runs out, the spring stops flowing and it takes 15 minutes for it to flow again.


Professor Kip Solomon, a hydrologist at the University of Utah, says that when we examined the water, we found traces of gas in it, which showed that the water from the underground gas rises like a siphon and starts flowing when it accumulates. ۔ When the water runs out, the gas slowly accumulates and the groundwater rises again and the flow continues.

But it should be noted that the process of opening and closing of springs continues from the end of summer to autumn. For the rest of the year, the water level stays low and flow stops.

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