My mother had said I wish I was born dead: Rakhi Sawant

My mother had said I wish I was born dead: Rakhi Sawant
Controversial Bollywood personality and Bigg Boss Season 14 contestant Rakhi Sawant says that the decision to join the showbiz industry separated me from my family.

In an interview to Indian media, Rakhi said that after being embroiled in various controversies, my mother also expressed her desire to die as soon as I was born.

Rakhi Sawant said that my family even my uncle calls me a bad person, my mother refused to talk to me when I was not even invited to my father’s funeral.

The actress added that running away from home and joining the industry was the only option for her, today my father will be proud of me, thankfully I made this decision, my family still does not meet me.

Rakhi Sawant said that my mother who is very close to me now, there was a time when she was fed up with my lifestyle, there was a time when my mother told me that these conflicts What are? I wish I had died at birth.

“This was the time when my family questioned my mother over the dispute with Mika Singh and my father beat my mother,” he said.

Rakhi said that I told my mother that there is no one who will crown me on my entry in Bollywood, let me struggle, give me freedom, I am not the daughter of Amitabh or Anil Kapoor nor am I I am from high school.

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