New highlights of Hareem Shah’s film ‘Raz’ go viral

New highlights of Hareem Shah’s film ‘Raz’ go viral
Pakistan’s controversial tick talk star Hareem Shah is set to make her acting debut through the web series ‘Raz’ for Pakistan’s digital streaming platform UrduFlex.

A teaser of the movie ‘Raz’ has been shared by Hareem Shah on the popular photo sharing app Instagram. In the teaser, Hareem Shah can be seen enjoying money.

Not only this, in the teaser of the film, there is also a video of Hareem Shah slapping Mufti Qawi. Hareem Shah will also be seen in the movie Raz in a scandal surrounding a Maulvi named Kabir.

In the teaser, Hareem’s friends are seen persuading her to become popular in controversial ways, while Hareem says that she wants to be free because she is fed up with these stereotypes. Along with Hareem Shah, other actors including actor Shehzad Sheikh can also be seen in the teaser of the film.

Referring to the new teaser of the film, Hareem while talking to Geo News said that the web series Secrets has been made keeping in view his life, the events in Hareem’s life have also been presented in the film.

According to Hareem Shah, the film Raz will be released on February 26 this month.

Remember that the web series ‘Raz’ is directed by Asad Ali Zaid while its story is written by Mansoor Saeed.

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