New record for WhatsApp and Facebook calls on New Year

New record for WhatsApp and Facebook calls on New Year

SAN FRANCISCO: Fear of Corona around the world and lockdowns in the United States and the United Kingdom have left people stranded in homes, with record audio and video calls made on WhatsApp and Facebook (including Messenger) around the world. About 1.4 billion has been reported.

WhatsApp is now owned by Facebook and the number of audio and video calls has doubled since the beginning of 2021 this year. In addition, a large number of people exchanged texts, photos, animations and GIFs on both platforms. This put a lot of pressure on both platforms’ servers and databases.

These statistics also prove that a large number of people in the code 19 epidemic and lockdown have installed WhatsApp and Messenger etc. and have increased contacts with it. On the other hand, many companies and countless companies have used these apps for homework and now they are being installed in every phone.
In this regard, Facebook and WhatsApp have jointly released statistics. 50% more audio and video calls were made last year than in 2020. In addition, 55 million live broadcasts were made on Facebook and Instagram, 99% of which were related to New Year’s celebrations.

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