New solar panels that can generate electricity even at night

New solar panels that can generate electricity even at night
California: Panels with solar cells usually generate electricity in daylight when it is sunny. Now a special type of solar cell can generate electricity even at night, but with a small amount of energy, a smartphone can be charged.

After absorbing heat and light throughout the day, solar cells gradually release some energy at night. If solar panels are mounted on a spacecraft in space far beyond the Earth’s atmosphere, the temperature in outer space could be three calories, and as the difference between the solar panel and outer space increases, more electricity could be generated. However, this process may now be possible on Earth as well.

In this regard, Professor Sean Hui of Stanford University and his colleagues have installed thermoelectric generators on commonly used solar cells and their solar panels. This system can generate a small amount of electricity by utilizing the temperature difference, especially at night.
Professor Sean Hui says that solar panels are very efficient thermal radiators due to heat dissipation. At night their temperature drops below the temperature of the surrounding air and this is when we can get energy from it.

When the converted solar panel was turned towards the sky at night, the solar cell panel converted by the difference in temperature generated 50 milliwatts per square meter of electricity. But this is far less than the electricity generated from the actual solar panel, meaning that only 0.04% of the electricity generated during the day can be generated. But one square meter of electricity can also be used to charge small devices. It can charge smartphones and LED lights.

Power can be obtained directly at night and no additional battery is required. A good amount of electricity can be obtained by staying away from the central power system. However, by increasing this experience, the amount of electricity generated from it can be increased.

In the next phase, efforts will be made to develop the entire system on a commercial scale.

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