Now look your way through the screens of all the cars on the road

Now look your way through the screens of all the cars on the road
Australia: Based on information and data from various cars, the car can now be driven safely on busy cities and highways.

This process is called ‘collective perception’ or CP. In this way, the entire system can show the hidden dangers around, pedestrians and even the car that crosses the big bus route. However, it is being tested experimentally.

The University of Sydney and Kohda Wireless have partnered with iMove Cooperation Research Center to create the entire system, which works on vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communications. Throughout the system, vehicles alert each other to the environment and hazards around them, and roadside cameras also play a key role in expanding the scene.
This way the data of the side routes comes to your car where cars run in every direction of the intersection. In addition, the details of the leader and the camera also include information about the stations (intelligent transportation systems) on the road.

Now if a car or a station sees a pedestrian or a car behind another obstacle, it is reflected by an X-ray display and instant awareness of the hidden danger. Now if the driver does nothing, the car’s own system automatically presses the brakes.

When tested in a controlled environment, the entire system successfully identified hidden obstacles and helped prevent many accidents that could have been fatal under normal circumstances.

The entire system not only warns of cars and other vehicles coming from the sidewalks at intersections, but also notes cars speeding through the building’s parking lot.

According to Professor Eduardo Nebot, who is associated with the project, the system can be used not only for human but also for self-driving cars.

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