Now wear the whole cinema on your eyes with smart glasses

Now wear the whole cinema on your eyes with smart glasses
South Korea: While there are many video projector glasses available in the market, Lenovo has now introduced a pair of glasses called the T-One that you can call a personal cinema because it can be worn to watch HD video on a wide screen.

The Lenovo Glass T-One connects to phones, computers, and tablets, and you can then watch videos and play video games on a wide virtual screen.

This way you can watch movies and play video games while sitting on the bus. It has an early ED display that can be spread over a wide area virtually. You can also use Wacom-style pens on it by connecting it to a Bluetooth keyboard.
Each eye has a Full HD display with a frame rate of 60 Hz, thanks to Micro-LED. But so far it has not been told whether it will have a headphone jack or will have Bluetooth headphones.

It has a powerful battery but can also be connected to other devices and according to the company the virtual glasses can work for hours on a single charge.

It has recently been exhibited and is valued at $1,300 to $1,500.

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