Palestine cannot be wiped out, boundless

Palestine cannot be wiped out, boundless

Model Belahadid has revealed that the attack on the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Palestine by Israeli soldiers is all that she has been discussing with her sisters.

Bella strongly condemned the attack on unarmed worshipers, saying “I don’t usually show my sadness or heartache, but these videos are heartbreaking about how Palestine is going through every day.”

Last week, the Israeli army stormed the mosque compound and fired rubber-coated metal bullets to disperse worshipers who had gathered for Friday prayers, injuring more than 170 worshipers.

“My sisters GG, Meryl and Allana were talking about the family chat group and I cried for my Palestinian sisters and brothers,” Bella told InstaStories.


The model made it clear that the Palestinians are a symbol of peace and hope in the world and that Palestine cannot be eliminated.

Bella’s father is Palestinian, the model also raised her voice last year when Instagram deleted a post about her culture. Bella shared a photo of her father’s American passport, which states that he was born in Palestine.

“Aren’t we allowed to be Palestinian on Instagram?” The model asked. You can’t erase history by suppressing people’s voices. ”

Bella is one of the few young celebrities who condemned the killing of Pakistani overdriver Muhammad Anwar in Washington DC, who was killed by two young women while snatching a car.