Photo churches with Nadia Khan’s husband

Photo churches with Nadia Khan’s husband
KARACHI: The new image with Nadia Khan’s husband’s leading acting actress and hosted by Shubby Industry became viral media.

The leading actress and hosting actor of the Pakistani Shubby Industry, Nadia Khan also shared the photo in Chengchi Rabbasha with his husband in the social communication website Instagram storage, which is being purified by the fans.

In the picture, Nadia Khan and his husband are sitting in Chengchi and their husband are running, Nadia Khan in the picture is expressing happiness while his husband is engaged in running Chihachi.


Remember that before Nadia Khan issued a lovely message on Instagram for his husband’s birthday.

Nadia Khan wrote to his husband, and thank you very much for giving me love and respect.

The actor further wrote that I pray that we celebrate our latest birthday together.

It is clear that Nadia Khan was associated with the retired PAF Officer and Fifter Pilot Faisal Mumtaz Rao at the beginning of this year.

Nadia Khan’s husband retired as a Wing Commander in 2009 after serving for 18 years in Pak Air Force and joined the first instructor pilot in the United Arab Emirates’s air force and then the Chief of Safety.

Nadia Khan has also tied to the marriage closure before the marriage and three children, their daughter’s name is Namid, son’s name Azan and the smallest son Name.

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